HUI PANG JT-A Table Tennis Robot Trainer Ping Pong Spin Ball Training Machine

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Need a partner? Look here, the simplest way to begin fun, solo, table tennis practice. Table tennis robots are ideal for honing your skills and allowing you to perfect the more difficult shots in the game. These well made robots from leading table tennis suppliers ensure you can practice until you have mastered the art of table tennis. There are zero controls to learn->start -> set -> load -> play. The innovative spiral-gravity design automatically feeds the balls, and eliminates ball-jams. Most robots come with a back net that allows you to keep playing without having to refill the robot with balls frequently. Whatever your requirements we guarantee your game will improve with a table tennis robot.


  • Automatic recycling cycle ball feeding function: continuous hitting, no need to pick up the ball. It does not need any tools and equipment. Just push the ball machine to the table, put down the recycling net, plug in the power, and you can enjoy the endless fun brought by this machine.
  • Swing frequency is 0-9 level swing speed adjust, out-ball frequency is 0-9 level can be adjusted for training
  • Larger capacity - more than 300 balls (Please use the INTERNATIONAL STANDARD balls with diameter of 40mm (1.57 inches). (Please note that you must use more than 15 balls to use this machine. If there are less than 15 balls, the ball will not come out.)
  • Generate top spin, backspin, sidespin, as well as any combination of those, better operate the use of various functions
  • Adjust the position of the machine according to your own preferences.
  • Its all standard ping pong tables, even the most advanced players along with beginners will get a great workout
  • Rated voltage: 00V-240V
  • Rated power: 50W
  • Arc adjust: 7-angle settings
  • Ball speed: 4-40M/s
  • Ball out frequency: 30-80/mins
  • Spin direction: wheels drive(multi-spin, up and down, right and left)
  • Dropping: ixed dropping
  • Swing frequency: -9 level swing speed adjust
  • Out-ball frequency: -9 level can be adjusted
  • Ball switch: hort ball/long ball switch(manually)
  • Capacity: ore than 300 balls
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